• Step 1: Acquaintance Phase

    Let us know what you are looking for. We can design
    anything you want. You can fill in our form of request, where we will ask some
    questions to get a better understanding about your wishes. You can also upload
    your own design to give us the best insights you can.

    Are you facing any trouble or have a lot more
    questions to be answered? Please check our contact page for more contact details.

  • Step 2: Offer Phase

    After we've received your wishes by the request form we will share a not binding offer. The offer will be based on all the specific requirements as asked in the request form. We are on top of it and will do our best to share the offer within 5 workdays. If we have questions we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Step 3: Planning Phase

    We will discuss the offer to make sure we are aligned on the requirements in
    product details, lead times and costs. We will propose a plan to you. In this plan we will explain the (next) steps in a timeline. We will make you a part of the process, so you can follow your design and new turbofan coming to life.

  • Step 5: Production Phase

    We will start the production phase of your one of a kind turbofan. We work closely together with many suppliers who can partner in lots of different production methods. If we can’t do it ourself, we can work with our close relations. We will keep you up to date as much as possible during the production phase. The
    planning of this phase is highly depending on the plan we agree on in step 3..

  • Step 6: Inspection phase

    This is the moment we see your designed Turbofan for the first time. A moment of excitement. After all the enthusiasm we do our last inspection of the product, to make sure it is according to our internal quality standards and matching your wishes. We will keep you posted during this with some sneak previews before it is packed, finally making it ready for transport.