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Can you actually drive the Turbofans?

Yes, of course. our turbofans are made of high quality materials and tested in a way to make sure they are drivable on the streets and for circuit use. But be aware that whether you can drive it on public roads may vary from counrty to country.

What is the price for a Turbofan pair or set?

Depending on what you are looking for we try to keep the prices reasonable. Custom turbofan requests are always checked and offered on the customer wishes and requirements, check our request form for getting an offer.
We are aiming to get our standard Poksed Turbofans on the market from a price of 249€ a pair. depending on type, model, sizes and finishes, check our webshop for available turbofans.

What kind of material is used for the Turbofans?

We make use of high quality materials and try to keep them sustainable and lightweight as possible. The materials we use are commonly used in the motorsport or automotive mobility branch. And of course we do research and development towards new materials. We are on top of it!

What wheel sizes do you have turbofans for?

We can do whatever you want by developing and engineering custom turbofans. Normally our standard Turbofans are available from 15 inch up to 19 inch. Check our webshop for the current available turbofans.

Which wheel bolt pattern are fitting the Turbofans?

We can make them fit for every bolt or lug pattern. but it is not standard for every. Is your bolt pattern not mentioned or not available in our webshop of standard turbofans? let us know, we can help you out.

We do make custom turbofans as well, check our request form and 'how we work' page for more info.

Do you make centerlock Turbofans?

Yes we do, at the moment we do not have them as standard turbofans in our webshop. But we can manage definitely. check our page for custom turbofans.

Are the livery designs on the Turbofan face spray painted or stickered?

Both, we do both spray paint and stickering/wrapping, depending on the type of turbofans, but it is always mentioned in the description of our turbofans in the webshop. You can also get the turbofans in single plain color without livery design.

Which turbofan design shapes or forms are available?

Check our webshop for the available turbofans. We normally do Flat, Concave and Formed faces.
Do you want custom turbofans? Let us know!

For how long can I drive the turbofans?

Our turbofans are tested and made with use of high quality automotive standard materials. So we do expect years to drive them. Do not hit the sidewalk, obviously not a good idea.

Where can I buy Poksed Turbofans?

At least your are at the correct website! You can but them at our Poksed Shop. check the availability of turbofans in our webshop to make sure you can get them as soon as possible. Some or the series are in limited numbers.
We do not have a dealer network yet, so only available on our webshop at the moment.

What is the delivery time after order?

We try to ship them within the same week. Depending on your location and transport that needs to be arranged it can take longer to have them at your home.
We check it for every order individually.

What is the difference in between Turbofans and Aerocovers?

Did you already know we have a POKSED TECH CENTER page? Here you can find more technical info.

Do I have warranty on the product?

POKSED warrants that products manufactured by us are free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal and intended use, for a period of one year from the original date of purchase.

If you are unhappy with the product, let us know. We are here to assist in any case.

How are the turbofans shipped?

We pack them carefully in a box. We protect them individually and pack them a pair in a box.

After packing we will ship them with track and trace to the shared adress.

Is there a shipping fee?

Yes, but since domestic rates vary over time we will not be able to quote you until it is checked individually per order. At that time you will receive a shipping invoice and once paid the turbofans will be shipped and we will follow up with tracking info.

Do you accept international orders?

Yes, but keep in mind that due to the fluctuating costs and your specific location, your shipping fee can vary. Also, you are independently responsible for any fees or duties assessed by your government.

Why should I pre-order?

To be the first! Check out the description if it is about a limited series of turbofans. It can happen we do not have them anymore, they are sold out. Normally you can get financial benefits by ordering in pre-order aswell.

Can I get a refund on pre-ordered products?

Yes, or any reason but only 1 week after your pre-order is done.
We are forced to add a 3% processing fee to all refunded orders due to merchant fees from Shopify.

Will I receive updates on my order?

If we are working on your custom turbofans we are obviously in close contact with you as our customer.

individually you will receive updates on shipping and delivery of your goods.