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Who? Poksed!

Meet Poksed founder Kenny Smit, Kenny is an automotive enthusiast with a passion for design and engineering. Poksed is a brand that stands for the work of Kenny Smit in Engineering & Design. It is a representation of Kenny's passion for the automotive industry and his dedication to creating innovative and high-quality products. The name Poksed is a combination of Kenny's initials and his expertise in engineering and design, making it a fitting name for his brand. (Piece Of Kenny Smit Engineering & Design). With 8 years of experience in the automotive design and engineering industry, Kenny has worked for some of the biggest automotive companies and has developed a wide range of products for them. In 2016, Kenny started Poksed Turbofans, but due to focus issues, he had to put it on hold. However, in 2023, Kenny is back with a renewed strategy for Poksed, ready for a new start. At Poksed, we are thrilled about the car culture, circuit motorsport and rally sport, and we are now combining these passions to create exciting products for car enthusiasts all over the world. We are eager to develop new turbofans to be ahead and make an impact in the automotive business. Be part of it, join the community together with Poksed and Kenny.